SMS A2P Aggregator

NGH CORP is a provider of IT services and of a communication platform in the cloud for enterprises, Over-the-Top (OTT) actors and Mobile Network Operators (MNO).

Why Choosing NGH CORP?

NGH CORP offers leading-edge solutions in line with today's world.

Over 7 years of experience

NGH CORP has been present as a telecom player on the international market for more than 7 years already.

Exponential evolution of SMS Traffic

From day to day, we observe a strong demand of the sms service and the traffic is only increasing.

Interconnections to telecom operators worldwide

We have more than 800 network partners worldwide.

NGH CORP has an intuitive communications platform. Easily create your campaigns via our SMS platform SMS ZEDEKAA.

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Use our sms services for your business communication, but also as a telecom operator.

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