SMS marketing, which is one of the many mobile marketing channels, is the process of sending promotional text messages to a target audience. SMS marketing consists mainly of sending messages about the latest updates, time-critical offers, product launches, alerts, notifications and any other form of promotional information. With a single click, mobile text marketing can reach a large number of potential customers. So it's no surprise that successful businesses view SMS marketing as a proven marketing tool to increase revenue and build customer loyalty.


The advantages of SMS MARKETING


A broad reach

The average smartphone user checks his device 70 times a day. Here are the facts that lead us to talk about the vast market of fully accessible smartphone users.


Affordable cost

SMS marketing is a very affordable option and mass SMS service is the key. Compared to other marketing channels such as billboards or TV commercials, SMS marketing is an economical option.


High conversion rate

Although it may seem a bit surprising, SMS is still in the lead and has a high conversion rate. Customers are more eager to act on SMS offers and promotions.